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Talent Assessment, Powered by Data and Expertise

Decision tools and professional support for acquisitions, hiring, development, and performance

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A uniquely integrated approach, utilizing best in class assessment, data modeling, expert interviewing, and a highly accessible, collaborative process to help our clients hire the best possible leaders.

Our refined approach is dedicated to assisting rapidly expanding lower middle market companies in identifying and acquiring the leadership necessary to accelerate growth.


We help make the invisible visible

Talent is critical to the success of any business.  Whether you're hiring an individual, developing leadership, or acquiring a company, our quantitative and interactive assessment methodologies yield critical insights about people and teams to help you make better decisions.



We Deliver Exceptional Services


Understanding leaders and teams for purposes of acquisition and organic growth is critical to helping existing or would-be partners establish and build strong foundations to support productive collaboration.  



Hiring or promoting well has an outsized effect on the bottom line.  Executives with not only the right knowledge, skills, and experience, but also the unique blend of character and interpersonal skills for success in a given culture can supercharge team dynamics and productivity. 


Developing effective leadership, teams, and culture requires intention, dedication, and consistent effort.  Our coaching and team development services flow seamlessly from our comprehensive assessment processes, challenging and supporting even the most seasoned leaders and teams to evolve and achieve more.

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“Dan is an outstanding executive coach and management consultant.  In addition to helping us lead a very successful strategic planning effort, Dan helped me improve my leadership skill significantly.  Dan’s combined business and psychology expertise proved instrumental in helping me and my management team achieve much higher business results."
Hany Malik, President and CEO – Suntiva

Dan has been a fantastic resource to Argosy as well as many of our portfolio companies. He has also been a great partner, helping us increase our capabilities around human capital assessment and development. Dan has a very approachable (yet appropriately direct) style that works well with our companies and their management teams.

Lane Wiggers, Managing Director & Operating Partner - Argosy Capital

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