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Leadership Development

In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.”

Thomas Jefferson


The single greatest benefit of developing leaders and leadership teams is improving their ability to inspire, motivate, and engage others towards achieving common goals, ultimately driving the success of any business. 


Successful executive leaders are defined by strategic thinking, an ability to inspire and motivate others, effective communication and interpersonal skills, a commitment to ethical decision-making, and a strong record of driving growth and profitability.  They posses the ability to manage and allocate resources effectively, build strong, collaborative relationships with stakeholders, and navigate complex challenges with agility and resilience. 


Successful leadership teams are defined by strong communication, shared vision and goals, a culture of collaboration, a commitment to learning and improvement, and a genuine desire to motivate, inspire, and empower employees to achieve strategic goals.  In addition,  the best teams are also able to anticipate challenges, adapt and pivot when necessary, and make informed decisions that drive value for all stakeholders. 


While our individual and team development strategies are informed by similar, comprehensive assessment processes, development plans are always highly specific to the unique needs and situation of each entity.

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CharacterLOGIC offers 3 levels of leadership coaching, including a 3-month assessment, feedback, and goal planning only option, a 6-month engagement that builds on the 3-month process with 3 additional months of coaching, and a 9-month process that includes 6 months of dedicated coaching following assessment.  


CharacterLOGIC offers a continuum of team development options that range from assessment and feedback only, to comprehensive programs designed to enhance the skills, knowledge, and effectiveness of leadership teams.  The typical length of most team development engagements span at least 3-6 months as changes at this level require more time to establish. 

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